Steadyrack - Fender Rack (Road/ Hybrid/eBike with Fenders)


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Typical bikes include:
eBikes - WITH Fenders, Road, Time Trial, Hybrid, Small MTB, Commuter, City, Town

Designed for bikes with:

Wheel Diameter: 20″ – 29″

Tyre Width: Up to 2.4”

Maximum Weight: 25kg



Combining all of the design benefits of the Classic Rack, the Fender Bike Rack accommodates bikes with fenders or mudguards. Now you can safely and securely store your bike without any heavy lifting and maximise your storage efficiency with the Steadyrack Fender Rack.

Some bikes with fenders may not be suitable for this rack.

The Steadyrack Fender rack works by sliding between the fender/mudguard and tyre when rolling the bike onto the rack. If the stays (steel arms connecting the fender to the bike frame) are very close to the tyre or rigid with no flexibility there may not be room to fit the rack arms between and you will not be able to mount the bike in the rack.

We recommend a minimum 2cm/half inch clearance between the tyre and stays to enable the rack to flex and fit between.

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