Cassette XS-1297 T-Type Eagle 10-52T 12 speed


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SRAM Eagle Transmission Cassette

Can you believe that SRAM released its first 12-speed Eagle drivetrain over six years ago? And it's even been four years since SRAM Eagle AXS first came out! Yes, those pandemic years are blurry and time has been oddly fast since 2020. But those two statements above are true, and now SRAM is back to update its Eagle ecosystem once again with the new SRAM Eagle Transmission Drivetrain. A lot has changed but also not so much at the same time. It's still 12-speed, it's still the same wireless AXS shifting that we love, so why the update? Well, a few years ago SRAM started to make the SRAM UDH, a Universal Derailleur Hanger that helped solve the crisis and headache of finding the right derailleur hanger for your bike. It helped consumers, bike shops, and even bike brands as they just needed the design from SRAM and could work that into their bikes. Over the past few years, lots of brands have implemented this on their mountain bikes, including some of the biggest brands in the world. Now, SRAM has taken advantage of all of these bike brands using their UDH design, and the new Eagle Transmission rear derailleur mounts directly to the frame.

Whats new for the SRAM Cassette? Cassettes are also redesigned and while they don’t come in fancy colors like the past, the new clean look is very classy. The range is still 10-52t but the progression of the gears have changed. Now you get a 38t, 44t and 52t compared to the previous 36, 42, 52. The jumps are smoother and get you in that sweet spot more often.

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