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BLACK INC rim pads - Carbon wheels only - 1 Pair

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In order to ride fast, it’s important to have confidence in being able to stop as well. The Black Inc Carbon Brake Pads are made from a special rubber compound with a specific shape and colour to provide consistent braking on our rim brake wheels in dry and wet conditions.

Though carbon rims have a reputation for offering uneven performance when conditions are not optimal, all Black Inc rim brake wheels perform exceptionally well no matter the situation. That’s largely because we have designed the brake tracks of our rims with special carbon layup and heat-transferring resin, but much of the braking magic happens thanks to the properties of our Carbon Brake Pads. The interaction between the pad and brake track works to keep the heat build-up to a minimum, allowing the rider to take a long, twisty descent confidently, knowing the rims will not overheat. Similarly, when riding in the wet, the unique, specially shaped rubber compound grabs the rim with a measured force, so that feathering the brakes is still possible when entering wet corners.

Using third-party brake pads will not only reduce the efficiency of the braking, but effectively and immediately voids any type of warranty protection since not all pads and rims are created equal for all types of rim-brake surfaces. The Black Inc Carbon Brake Pads work so effectively, all Black Inc rim brake wheels perform at the highest level even compared to disc brake equipped bicycles.


this item is for one pair of pads

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